UI/UX, Type Design, Editorial
2020 — MATD

MATD 2020 Specimen

Website design for the graduating MATD class of 2020 and type specimen for my multilingual type family, Mango🥭


In late 2019 I entered the MA Typeface Design program at the University of Reading. While there, I designed a multilingual type family, wrote a dissertation, attended many lectures and workshops, and visited many pubs. When the world was sent into lockdown the graduating class was no longer able to produce traditional print specimens. Our class was tasked with rethinking how to present a print-based object digitally. As the only designer with experience in UI/UX I took the lead on managing and designing the website along with Simon Thiefes who took the lead on developing the website.

You can see the specimen for my type family here 🥭


The main objective of this website was to create a "quiet" design that would let the work speak for itself. The second, was to create something that allowed us to talk about our work in less formally.

MATD2020 landing paqe

Freedom to design

I opted for a component based design for the specimen pages that would allow each student the freedom to contribute as much content as they wanted to. There were five variable components that could be implemented at the discretion of the designer as many times as they desired:

In my designs I created a mock specimen page that used all components as a guide for when students designed their specimens.

Specimen landing page (graphic design by Michaela Staton)
Variable font slider (graphic design by Simon Thiefes)
Q + A section (screenshot from Mark Zhus specimen)
Student bio section mockup—the design was not fully developed in the final due to time constraints

Screenshots of mobile designs