UI/UX, Type design
2020 — MATD


A lockdown project created by bored and lonely MA typeface design students.


IsoType, which stands for Isolation Type, is project that was created out of lockdown boredom and a need for the MA students in the type design program at the University of Reading to feel connected with each other again during the beginning of the pandemic. IsoType works by each student taking turns to provide a daily file with the basic structure of a letter and a pre-defined number of nodes and components to keep the masters compatible. The individual files of the chosen letter are combined at the end of the day to create a variable font.

The project continued for ~40 days before we decided to end it. I contributed a daily design and also provided a simple website design that was developed by my classmate, Simon Thiefes. The IsoType logo was designed by my classmate, Eric Karnes.

The following are a section of my favourite glyphs I designed.